So Close, yet So Far


I want to be a blogger. You know the type…the one who balances the hilarious and the profound. Who regularly updates this malleable website.

Its like an adult AIM (no offense, if offense is taken). You pick your screen name (web url), color and quote up your profile (blog entries), and follow your AIM buddies (your devoted readers). I was terrible at it then and I am terrible at it now.

I have three running blog enteries in my head. Truly, I edit and format them in my free time. But when it  comes times to type on that good ol’ word press site…I freeze. All seems juvenile or over-dramatic-poet–in-Ray Bans-esque.

The only reasons I am here is 1) I want to break the silence and 2) I am avoiding the daunting task of unpacking and cleaning. Avoidance apparently leads to more avoidance.

But never fear. I will return..hopefully with more profound or meaningful thoughts.

To make up for my lack of sense, I will leave you with a scene from a movie I am currently enthralled with: (500)days of Summer.

I literally smile through this whole video:


About Kate

I remember the first time I heard it. A lanky fourteen-year-old that had grown legs, but not an identity, hugging the cold hardwood floor on a hot summer day. The black plastic radio blared the hits today and yesterday. I rested my eyes, trying to push away the heat. I do not remember the songs that proceeded or followed it, but I do remember the grin that broke out when I heard "...she checks out Mozart while she does Taebo." As cliche as it sounds, my young teenage heart found hope in the confident uniqueness of Train's "Drops of Jupiter" mystery woman. I wanted to be her. Well, maybe not her, but someone who lived authentically even if it was slightly puzzling others. I hated the idea of being inconsistant, but her contradictions were not inconsistency, but rather her journey to connecting the very different parts of her life together. They made sense, because she was her. And it even inspired others to question and develop..."reminds me that there is room to grow." Since then, I have been "tracing my ways through the constellations" on a sort of "soul vacation." I have been met and surrounded by a Divine Light, whose love, truth, and justice has pierced the darkness. The drops of Jupiter in my hair are cherish friends, big questions, and unexpected humor. I use this blog as a way to share some of the journey. Thanks for joining in, even if its for a moment. "The true light that gives light to every man was coming into the world." John 1:9

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  1. YAHOOOO! Breaking the silence! And that video made me smile too! You don’t have to worry about fitting a mold-your thoughts are lovely even if they’re simple and full of the “extraordinary ordinary”. Love and miss you!

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