The Girl, The Gallery, and The Rain.


Today, I walked into a storybook.

The excursion was unplanned. My aim was to hide away in the library, both to study and to enter silence. Today is defining dreary. Rainfall pours at a slight tilt and even when it ceases, everything is in a constant state of wet. The weather brings out the lonely side of life. So when I passed by the warmly lit art gallery, I was drawn in.

The gallery featured a children’s book “The Boy, The Kite, and The Wind.” Each page of the book featured its own frame. I walked inside the gallery and entered into the story.

I love the simplicity and power of children’s books. How such power is spoken in the tattered, lost kite. The strong hand of the father resting on the son’s shoulder. The illustrator even caught the gleam in the little boy’s eye that defines youthfulness and hope.

The gallery forced me to pause. Though I am entering adulthood, I am still a child. As the father found meaning in the lost kite and the strong wind, Abba interweaves these powerful symbols in our daily lives.

I wonder where my kite is today and if I will reflect on the power of the invisible wind.

Maybe today is not so lonely.

The Boy, the Kite, and the Wind Website


About Kate

I remember the first time I heard it. A lanky fourteen-year-old that had grown legs, but not an identity, hugging the cold hardwood floor on a hot summer day. The black plastic radio blared the hits today and yesterday. I rested my eyes, trying to push away the heat. I do not remember the songs that proceeded or followed it, but I do remember the grin that broke out when I heard "...she checks out Mozart while she does Taebo." As cliche as it sounds, my young teenage heart found hope in the confident uniqueness of Train's "Drops of Jupiter" mystery woman. I wanted to be her. Well, maybe not her, but someone who lived authentically even if it was slightly puzzling others. I hated the idea of being inconsistant, but her contradictions were not inconsistency, but rather her journey to connecting the very different parts of her life together. They made sense, because she was her. And it even inspired others to question and develop..."reminds me that there is room to grow." Since then, I have been "tracing my ways through the constellations" on a sort of "soul vacation." I have been met and surrounded by a Divine Light, whose love, truth, and justice has pierced the darkness. The drops of Jupiter in my hair are cherish friends, big questions, and unexpected humor. I use this blog as a way to share some of the journey. Thanks for joining in, even if its for a moment. "The true light that gives light to every man was coming into the world." John 1:9

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