What we will regret: The “Oh-no-she-will”


You are walking down Aisle 11 and then you meet it. The “oh-no-she-didn’t” (and shouldn’t).

Name a decade and I’ll tell you the fashion trend or habit that just cannot seem to be left in the past. For the 70s its that feather top hair, the 80s the mullet or too much bright, the 90s is the clogs, and early 2000s….the midriff.

Social psychology and life experience in general tells me that I am not immune to the “I-just-can’t-let-it-go-because-I-wore-it-when-I-was-twenty,” so here are a couple things some teenager will be judging me for in the grocery store in t-minus 30 years.

1. Bangs & Side-part

Admit it. Side bang or full bang, we have been rocking bangs since the since the early 2000s. And bangs come with a necessity, the side part. I got both of them junior year of high school and I cannot fathom growing them out.

So, when then trend hits to have a center part and now bangs, I might just go out of style.

2. Cheap Pearls

Lucky for me, I cannot tell the difference between Claire’s and Tiffany’s. When rhinestones make a come back, I am still stayin’ classy with pearls from Target.

3. Tweezers

You know its coming. The invention that makes tweezers unnecessary. But, back in my day, we plucked them hair-by-hair, so grandma’s keeping her pair in the bathroom drawer. Forever.

4. Mix CDs

This one might die out quick. Operation iEverything makes burning your favorite songs on a disc feel “old school.” But, if possible, I plan sending Mix CDs to my pals as long as there is snail mail (which might not be very long either).

5. Ballet Flats

If the 90s rocked clogs, we rock the ballet flats. I may regret the lack of arch support for the last five years…but hey, weren’t they cute?

6. Thinking I am going to contract a disease from the microwave

I do not remember who told me (Social Psychology application:Sleeper effect), but as a child I truly believed I would get brain cancer or hurt my eyes if I watched the popcorn pop. Physics class and multiple discussion have confirmed that this is NOT true…but I think I will always feel uneasy when I reheat leftovers.


About Kate

I remember the first time I heard it. A lanky fourteen-year-old that had grown legs, but not an identity, hugging the cold hardwood floor on a hot summer day. The black plastic radio blared the hits today and yesterday. I rested my eyes, trying to push away the heat. I do not remember the songs that proceeded or followed it, but I do remember the grin that broke out when I heard "...she checks out Mozart while she does Taebo." As cliche as it sounds, my young teenage heart found hope in the confident uniqueness of Train's "Drops of Jupiter" mystery woman. I wanted to be her. Well, maybe not her, but someone who lived authentically even if it was slightly puzzling others. I hated the idea of being inconsistant, but her contradictions were not inconsistency, but rather her journey to connecting the very different parts of her life together. They made sense, because she was her. And it even inspired others to question and develop..."reminds me that there is room to grow." Since then, I have been "tracing my ways through the constellations" on a sort of "soul vacation." I have been met and surrounded by a Divine Light, whose love, truth, and justice has pierced the darkness. The drops of Jupiter in my hair are cherish friends, big questions, and unexpected humor. I use this blog as a way to share some of the journey. Thanks for joining in, even if its for a moment. "The true light that gives light to every man was coming into the world." John 1:9

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